What flowers should you use for your wedding bouquet?

After deciding on the location, the attire, and the caterers for your wedding, it’s time to focus on the flowers. Selecting the ideal flowers for your wedding bouquet is crucial because they will be seen clearly in your wedding photos and have a significant impact on how you look in general on your special day. We have compiled a list of the most cherished flowers by Canadian brides and wedding planners to assist you in making the best decision.

White calla lilies, which are renowned for their elegance, are a common option for wedding bouquets. You can choose from varieties in black, orange, or yellow for a touch that is more vibrant, or you can even combine different varieties to make a visually arresting bouquet. Calla lilies are a meaningful addition to your special day because they represent purity, elegance, and beauty.


Also known as Gerber Daisies, these blooms can be found all year long in Canada and come in a variety of colors. They are suitable for use in foliage and table decorations for wedding receptions as well as bouquets because of their timeless appeal.


Orchids are delicate yet resilient flowers that lend an exotic air to any wedding bouquet. These exquisite flowers will not wilt during the ceremony or reception, keeping their beauty and enhancing both your attire and the environment.


An obvious favorite for a traditional selection are roses. They perfectly capture the romance, vibrancy, and fragrance of weddings. Brides have a variety of options to select from, including red, yellow, green, and black, among others.


Tulips are typically available in the spring. Making a thoughtful decision that matches your reception decor, personalized wedding favors, and overall theme is essential given the over 500 varieties available.


Hydrangeas have grown in popularity across Canada and are ideal for weddings with a vintage or retro theme. These exquisite blooms can be used to decorate your special day either on their own or in group arrangements. They can be found easily from spring until the fall.


Known for their exquisite beauty and alluring fragrance, freesias are becoming more and more common in weddings all over the country. They come in a variety of colors, including white, red, and lilac, and can be used for bouquets or as reception decorations.

These flowers are among the most popular options for weddings right now. You don’t have to stick to just one type of flower, though; by combining several, you can produce a stunning array of hues and scents for the ideal wedding bouquet.

We cordially invite you to contribute your advice and suggestions for choosing the ideal flowers for a bridal bouquet. Help future brides design the ideal floral arrangements for their special day by leaving a comment below. We appreciate your opinions and eagerly await them!